The Big Blue

The Big Blue One of the greatest movies ever made, The Big Blue tells the story of free diving legend Jacques Mayol. It stars Jean-Marc Barr and Rosanna Arquette as Mayol and his girlfriend Johana Baker.

Despite being heavily fictionalised, it is a compelling film that would inspire any person to go scuba diving and explore the underwater world. Its stunning photography and evocative music make it a must watch!

Jacques Mayol

The Big Blue Jacques Mayol was a French diver who became famous for his ability to dive down to extremely deep depths without the use of oxygen tanks.

In his heyday, he was one of the world’s top free divers, and he set numerous records during that time.

In addition to being a renowned free diver, Mayol also authored the book L’Homo Delphinus: le Dolphin au Man (2000 published in English as Homo Delphinus: the Dolphin Within Man). His

philosophy was that man could be reborn by using rigorous physical and psychological training in order to awaken his aquatic origins, which he believed were buried deep in his psyche.

His philosophy was based on his work with dolphins, and he was known for his affinity with the animals. He began training with a

dolphin named Clown at an aquarium in Miami, Florida, and eventually forged a relationship with the dolphin that would last for his entire life.

When he was older, he found a way to bring his aquatic philosophies to life through yoga, the art of free diving and his love of the sea.

Jean Reno (Enzo Molinari)

He spent his twilight years living in Italy, Japan and South Caicos, in the Turks & Caicos Islands, where he often swam and practiced his freediving skills.

He died on December 22, 2001, in Italy. His body was discovered by a neighbor after he failed to answer the phone. He had been suffering from depression, according to Italian news reports.

While he was a great diver, Mayol was also a passionate advocate of environmental and ocean conservation. In his life, he traveled to many countries to help raise awareness about the oceans and their inhabitants.

In his film, The Big Blue, director Luc Besson tells the story of the friendship and rivalry between two famous free divers,

Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca. It was inspired by the life stories of both men, and Mayol served as a screenwriter for the film.

The film is divided into two timelines – the first depicting a childhood rivalry between the two divers, and the second showing their final competition

at the world free-diving championships in Sicily. Their search for love, family and “wholeness” is a strong undercurrent in both.

Enzo Maiorca The Big Blue

Despite having a fear of the sea, Enzo Maiorca made it his mission to become the best free diver in history. He was a champion of the underwater world,

devoted to protecting it and its inhabitants. He was a hero to many and a role model for countless others.

He learned to swim at a young age and developed a passion for spearfishing and depth diving. He became inspired by the depth records set by

spearfishing champions Ennio Falco and Alberto Novelli, and began competing in a sport that was considered extreme and dangerous.

His first competition took place in 1960 and he soon beat the Brazilian Amerigo Santarelli to become the first person to break the 45-metre mark. During his career, Maiorca pushed the world

record in a category called “variable buoyancy” to 101 metres, demonstrating that the human body could adapt to pressure and depth.

Maiorca was a passionate environmentalist who helped to educate the world about the relationship between humans and the oceans. His work led him to win a number of awards including the Sport

Luc Besson (Blond Diver) The Big Blue

merits Gold Star from CONI, and the Ustica Golden Trident. He was elected to the Senate of Italy for the extreme-right

Alleanza Nazionale party in 1994 and continued to promote his views on the environment throughout his life.

Although he had several world records in the sport, he was most proud of his achievements as a marine biologist and ocean protector.

He spent years educating people about the importance of respecting the sea and its inhabitants, and he fought to protect it.

While on a dive with his daughters, he felt a nudge on his back and turned to see a male dolphin beckoning him. He followed the dolphin and was able to free her mate from a fishing net, saving her from drowning.

Eventually, the dolphin circled around and touched his beak to his cheek like a kiss of gratitude, as Enzo returned to the surface. The experience was a reminder to him of the power of nature and his love for the sea.

Johana Baker The Big Blue

Big Blue is the latest animated kids’ series to air on CBC and CBC Gem, and it’s the brainchild of rising Ghanaian-Canadian artist Gyimah Gariba. The show follows siblings Lettie and Lemo, who

lead a quirky submarine crew with a magical ocean fairy stowed away named Bacon Berry as they explore the depths of the seas, unravel mysteries and tackle climate change issues.

The characters of Big Blue are all based on the characters that Gyimah grew up with, as he says, “the show is a complete representation of

my twin passions for family and community.” But what’s more important to him is that it’s a way to inspire Black children everywhere to dream as he once did.

With the help of a diverse crew including a laid-back turtle, a nervous dolphin and a childlike magic guardian, they travel deep into the ocean to uncover mysteries, solve problems and save their

home. Their adventures are accompanied by a soundtrack from Grammy winning musician Timbaland that’s rooted in Gariba’s own childhood in his native Ghana.

It’s a clever mix of comedy and serious themes that will inspire young viewers to think about their environment and take steps to protect it.

Paul Shenar (Dr. Laurence)

A central theme of the show is the fight against a sapient mass of pollution called the Blegh, which is trying to corrupt the Calypso Crew and all of Big Blue.

Unlike many made-for-TV series that have traditionally featured predominantly Caucasian characters addressing environmental issues, Big Blue is the first to feature five Black-Canadian

youngsters as the main characters. By showcasing these youth as the key players in the battle against climate change, it’s helping to redefine what today’s climate activists look like.

In addition to the main characters, the show also features a variety of other anthropomorphic sea creatures, such as Mira Clearwater, a manta ray captain who’s been best friends with Lettie since

they were cadets together. She has a unique hair design with wings that are shaped just like her scalp.

It’s these elements that make Big Blue a unique animated kids’ series, and it’s no surprise that it’s being produced by GURU Studios, the powerhouse animation studio behind PAW Patrol and other

popular shows. The company has signed a deal to broadcast Big Blue in Canada on CBC Kids and worldwide via CBC Gem,

and is also bringing it to Nicktoons in the UK, ABC Me in Australia, CTC Kids in Russia and NRK in Norway.

Luc Besson

Besson is an award-winning French film director, writer and producer known for making highly visual thriller and action films. His work stretches over twenty-six years and encompasses over fifty

films. He is a master of cinematic style and a pioneer of the “Cinema du look” movement in French filmmaking.

Born in Paris, Besson spent his childhood traveling Europe with his family and developing an interest in ocean diving. At seventeen, he suffered a diving accident that forced him to refocus his

attention on becoming a filmmaker. He has since directed 13 films and produced 80 other projects, most notably Le Grand Bleu and The Fifth Element.

He is also a prolific action writer and producer, having written screenplays for some of the most popular action films of all time.

He has worked with numerous top-notch actors, including Jean Reno, Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.

While most of Besson’s films have been entertaining and stylish, he does occasionally dip into more serious themes. One of his most experimental efforts is The Last Battle, an almost entirely non-

verbal story about a man stranded in a post-apocalyptic world and two people who help him find hope and happiness.

Marc Duret (Roberto)

It’s a visually stunning piece that has a lot to say. While the lack of dialogue will challenge some viewers, it’s an intriguing piece that explores themes like environmentalism and capitalism.

Besson has a career dominated by high-octane action movies, but his best films often come when he explores the emotional side of life. His biopic about Nobel laureate Amelie, for example, features

a young Jamel Debbouze who delivers a stunning performance as a disillusioned and broken soul who is suddenly confronted with an angelic blonde named Angela (played by Michelle Yeoh).

Gariba says Big Blue grew out of his love for family and community. He drew on his relationships with his own siblings growing up to create the characters and their adventures in the series. He

hopes that these stories will inspire children of all backgrounds to have fun, and learn to care for their environment.

Originally from Ghana, Gariba enrolled in Sheridan’s Animation program in 2007 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2011. He credits his experience at Sheridan with helping him to develop

the skills he needed to be successful in creating and animating The Big Blue. He brought in other Sheridan graduates for the show,

including Marianne Mastrofini for the logo, Lee Ann DuFour for location design and Chris MacDonald for character design.

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